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Phone is locked and I don't remember the code

I have upgraded to a nexus 4 from a Samsung galaxy ace, my grandson was playing games on the Samsung and put in a pass code by accident and doesn't remember it. I still have pics and important files on that phone. How do I not lose all my stuff I don't want to reset it and it is not active.

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After several failed attempts at the passcode, the phone will lock you out and ask for your Google account information. Authenticate with your Google username and password and you should regain access to your phone. Then remove the passcode or reset it!
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Hey There Raenae ! the information should have been backed up before something like this happens. unfornately you wont be able to get access to your info to save somewhere it else. you can try hooking it up to your computer download samsung kies and see if you can trasnfer anything to the comp that way before doing the reset. not sure it will work the password on the phone. you also need to turn on USB DEBUGGING in order for the files to transfer, because your phone is locked no way to turn that on. but try downloading samsung kies on your comp plug the phone in and see what happens. Good luck 🙂
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I don't know if it's possible on the Ace, either because of the phone or Android version, but look for an "forgot password" option on the phone... there's a feature to have it emailed to you in case stuff like this happens. Newer phones and Android versions not only offer that, but you can set a backup PIN as well. Worst case scenario is you'll have to do a factory reset and lose your stuff. Try the things I suggested first, though.
this happend to me to but i dont have an email...
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Oh shoot......hmmmm maybe the android experts will help you out! Im an iPhone kinda guy....this may be a long shot but have you tried calling the manufacturers customer service?