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Phone insurance was not transferred to my new device

I took a Samgsung Ace 4 mobile last year with insurance. Beginning of this year the phone got stolen and I took a entry level phone of Motorola which is Moto e. I called up Koodo and asked the rep if she can transfer my insurance to the new device. She said yes, but it takes 24 hours to effect the transfer. I was assured and never followed up, continued paying my premium with every bill. Today my Moto e broke and called the insurance and requested a replacement since the insurance covers damage also, actually the device had other troubles as well, they rejected the service request on the ground that Koodo has not transferred my insurance from Sangsung Ace 4 to Moto e. I am certainly sure that I have not forgotten her assurance that it is done but takes 24 hours....etc. But today I found that it was not taken care of. It was never transferred, though I continued paying. I am a loyal customer since 2011, so this is not expected from Koodo. I do not know how to get a replacement now. The Koodo rep I spoke this evening, she could not explain me why it was not done though assured. Atanu Sengupta

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Hello Atanu.

If it's possible to see that your insurance was paid every month, even if it has not been transfered, you should be covered. Unfortunately, I can not access your account. 

Do you have a Koodo store near you? Did you try going in-store?
Oh yes, they suggested me to talk to customer care. Actually that the first point I reached yesterday.
Last night last time when I spoke to the customer care, a lady rep who spoke to me fixed up an appointment today at 9.30 AM after she speak to the insurer, she told me she will discuss the possibilities at the call. Now it is 10.10 AM - no call came from Koodo. Still waiting.

Atanu Sengupta
10.10 AM

I called twice. Each time I gave them a call back option because of the waiting time. The call came twice, but the moment I confirm that I am the caller, its says "transferring to a representative: and the call drops on its own.

Atanu Sengupta
11 AM
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atanu sengupta wrote:

I called twice. Each time I gave them a call back option because of the waiting time. The call ca...

That's odd! It might be a technical hiccup. Feel free to send us a private message on Facebook or a direct message on Twitter if you still need help.

We look forward to assisting you Atanu!