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Hey! So the Google Nexus 6 is coming out (preorder starts tomorrow) and it will be the first Android phone to have the Android Lolipop software on the market. What better way to show that Koodo is up to the modern standards of the phone culture than to have it as an offer available to Koodo members? The specs on the phone are fantastic and there will be an avid market from the phone gogetters to get this phone first.

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They've carried the previous 2 Nexus devices and they seemed to do fairly well for them but even this poor thing is an outlier: expensive and HUGE, even bigger than the Note 4 but without the awesome multitasking and S-pen features. I don't really know how to feel about this one.
I think amazement would be a great way to feel about this phone. It has so much to offer and is a great addition to the Android market. Though pricey, the specs do help balance out the cost.