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Phone glitching, battery not charging (LG Optimus One).

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I've had this phone for a few years now without problems but experiencing problems the past 3 days. I turned it on one day and a yellow screen appeared with "Emergency Mode" I turned off the phone, removed the battery, put it back in. Turned on the phone.... LG logo showed up, screen went blank. Did this twice. It finally came on but showed the battery was low on power. I charged it for several hours yesterday . Today I turned on the power and the battery is still low and message saying to plug it in. What should I or need to do? Factory reset it? Or call Koodo? Thanks!

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Hi Shelley You should try a factory reset because i bet it's already out of warranty. When removing the battery and sim, keep the phone on to do it. It does make a difference. That is a good little phone but it might be time to upgrade if you can't get it working again.
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It had pretty good build quality and ran fairly well considering the hardware, but it can't keep up in this day and age. I would recommend upgrading.
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Thanks! I will try the factor reset I believe the warranty is over. If I decide to upgrade, what phone do you recommend around similar price range?
Honestly, If you want a good phone without spending a LOT, the Samsung Galaxy S2X is a great phone for the price you pay. If you don't mind spending a little more, either go with the Galaxy S3 or wait for the S4 at the end of April
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I did the factory reset and so far so good. The phone is charging. Hopefully it will keep working. Keeping positive.