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Phone data usage info different from self-serve display

Hi. My phone's info on usage of data states I've used my full 100mb for the month, but self-serve says I've only used 64mb. Which is the accurate one? If the self-serve is the accurate one does that mean I can turn my data back on without risk of being charged? 

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I think the self serve takes awhile to update, so its not accurate.
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Are the dates recorded on your phone the same as on Self-serve? Many previous posters have found they differ. If you set your phone's data tallying app to match the dates of your billing period, your numbers should be closer.

The self-serve tally can be a few hours behind, as Macadacious indicates.
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Also, how old is your Koodo plan? For the past several months all new koodo plans have included shock free data, which means that data will be turned off automatically by koodo once you reach your limit. You would need to double check your notification settings in self serve though, as shock free data does not work if you've turned them off.