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Phone cannot talk and listen at the same time.

There is something weird about Koodo phones. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIIX and my wife has an Ace IIx. When we use our phones, a lot of the time, especially on long distance in Canada, I can't talk and listen at the same time. As soon as I start speaking, the earpiece thing goes dead and I can't hear anything the other person is saying until I stop talking. I believe that this is supposed to be something called full duplex, where I can talk and listen at the same time. We shouldn't have to say "over" each time I stop talking to let the other person know that they can talk. I mean, this is very high tech stuff, these phones. How can it be that they have this problem? It's even worse on my wife's phone. We think we may need to go back to a landline for long distances. Is there much chance of getting any technical support here? No, we'd probably have to go with one of the more expensive carriers for that.

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Actually if you read a few threads here you'll see we are always willing to help If you're using speaker phone on the s2x it is half duplex. The only way around this is to use a bluetooth headset or a wired headset. This is a limitation of the phone and not the service. This should only be happening on speakerphone, if it's happening on normal handset mode, there's a problem.
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Chad Burr wrote:

Actually if you read a few threads here you'll see we are always willing to help If you're us...

I figured it was some sort of phone issue.
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That's odd. I've used the S III, Nexus 4, Q10, Z10, HTC One, and now an LG G2... none have had this issue.
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If you want Technical Assistance with anything Koodo network related, then yes you can call Koodo *611 Option 6. If you don't want to call in, you can post on here and we can do our best to assist you. What you've described, in my experience(+5 years), is your phone has a defect somewhere, probably in the wiring. As long as the warranty is active, you can send the phone in for repair. And just because the phones are high tech, doesn't mean they won't have issues.
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And just to add, youll actually get more technical support with koodo through the community then with any other carrier, even the more expensive ones. I know its hard to believe considering the great low prices but its true and other carriers are actually very jelous of what koodo has achieved with this community and the speed at which ppls issues are resolved. Also there are even koodo tech support agents that help out here in their spare time as well as the mass of tech savy customers and other koodo employees, no other carrier has the mass if knowledge that this community bring forth to customers with issues.
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There is no need to end your question with a negative comment about Koodo and the community when you are the one who needs the Community's help
OK, thanks. I had no idea that there was any sort of technical support, other than go to the website and read the FAQ. I will do some more in depth troubleshooting and find out exactly when it occurs and how reproducible the problem is. I don't want to send off my phone because I like it so much. Is there some software app problem that could cause this? My phone is rooted, by my wife's is not.
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Bill McGecko wrote:

OK, thanks. I had no idea that there was any sort of technical support, other than go to the webs...

If you think that the phone being rooted is the cause, I'd recommend a factory reset (no need to remove root privileges). If you're experiencing the exact same issue immediately after root than we can be certain that it's not a software issue.
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Any custom ROM's installed or recently un-installed? I run a rooted S2x, no issues here. No custom ROM's though, just running stock at the moment.