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phone acting strange

Im having a problem with my galaxy ace phone.when my battery charges it shows 100 percent , then after I use it a for awhile the battery indicator will show 100 percent and doesnt change even if I use it alot and then it just shut off..then when I try to re-start it it shows the battery is almost dead...then it can sit hooked up to the charger but it wont charge unless I hold in on the start button and plug it in while it is powering up..Then it will stay on and charge for a bit..pain in th ebut at the moment..Is this just the case of a bad battery?

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How long have you had this "device"?
Make sure you clear the running apps in back round by using clean master or push the home key should do same work if this keeps up do a software reset if dosnt work hard reset if call koodo your phone may need flash my help that sounds like software issues simple reset my help please injoy your day
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This device is way past it's useful existence. It's starting to show its age as well. You could try a factory reset as Mr. Sider may have mentioned above but you might have better luck using this device as an ornament on your holiday tree. If you have room on your tab I'd recommend upgrading your device to basically anything Koodo currently offers. Today's devices are better in every conceivable way. Better battery, better screens, better storage, faster speeds Your problem might just be the battery and you could probably pick one up on ebay for under 5$ but Tb, I wouldn't bother.
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Sounds like you might need a new battery, its 10-15 dollars on eBay, that should hold you over until your tab clears for an upgrade