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Well my kids just moved far away from me and I just have a pay as u go with local callingand I would love to talk to them but because I cant phone long distance I have to wait for them to phone me .now I cant afford much so to have a phone that has txt, vidio, local, long distance at a cheep price would be great.

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HI, Samantha My family too is far away but I found a great, inexpensive way to call them as much as I want. And it doesn't use data , just your regular minutes or if you have them, your unlimited nights and weekends. It's called carrier pigeon, I've trained a group of pigeons to carry notes, like texting. Actually that's a lie. What I do use is Skype2go. It converts long distance numbers (up to 30 of them) into local numbers. You just register with Skype2go and pay them once a month or once a year. It's a flat rate. I pay 2.99$ per month to call all of north America for as long as I like. Right from my koodo phone. Plus they give you an access number to call in case you want to call someone other than the 30 you registered. Call quality is awesomely clear. I even registered my wife's phone so she can call me and cf hat while I'm out trucking in the states. And I included my mother in laws home phone so she can call her friend in Boston. Check it out. You'll be happier than a little person actor in the Albuquerque desert dodging warewolves.