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People calling me getting busy signal

Lately, Samsung Galaxy s5 Neo, model sm-g903w on basic $15 plan, not receiving incoming calls. Callers get a notification that the line is busy and the traditional busy signal. All other features such as text and outgoing calls work fine. Searching the forum I found a solution to take out the sim card and try it in another phone. I do not have this luxury available to me. 

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Hey Eddi,

Shut the phone down and take the SIM card out for 5 minutes, then put it back in and try again.
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You are on a prepaid plan? have you checked if you got minutes left?

I would check the account in self-serve. If the plan is active, It could be issues of blocking function in your phone. I would test the SIM with another phone, or factory reset your phone (if you cannot find any causes in the software).