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Payment Trouble Mastercard not acceptable

  • 31 July 2014
  • 7 replies

I am on a monthly plan. THis is my first month. I ried making the payment . However, koodo doesn't accept my mastercard. Due date it 5th of August. What should I do? How do I pay? I do not have any other card to make the payment.

7 replies

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Is it a Canadian card? Usually those work right away but a lot of times they have to register it first. I would call customer service and have them look into it. If you make a payment through your bank today, chances are it will clear by the 5th.
I noticed the same thing! I recently noticed that maybe the credit card option is only good for Visa! Boooo!
Thanks Jonathan and Taiyewo. It is a Canadian Card. I tried calling the customer care service but couldn't get through. I do not have my bank details. 😞 I have Payoneer MasterCard. Thanks for the help.
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Thanks Jonathan and Taiyewo. It is a Canadian Card. I tried calling the customer care service bu...You may want to contact Payoneer directly to inquire....maybe not enough funds on the card?
I think it could also be that you and I have been trying a prepaid credit card! It just clicked.
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if its a prepaid credit card half the time they dont work, just because theres no address and name attached to them. the only ones we usually have luck with are the vanilla visa credit cards. but sometimes those dont always work either :S
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http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/billing-and-payment-options/how-can-i-pay-my-bill How can I pay my bill? You can pay your bill in several ways: In Self Serve you can make one-time payments By calling *611 from your Koodo phone, toll free at 1-866-99-KOODO, you can make one-time credit or Visa Debit card payments With pre-authorized credit or pre-authorized debit. Click here to sign up. With a prepaid credit card, with the exception of Ideal Choice and Vanilla prepaid credit cards. Some companies may charge a transaction fee. Please contact the prepaid credit card issuer directly for details. At any financial institution At any Western Union