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  • 5 November 2017
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If I have a 0.00 bank account balance and want to pay with the onetime payment option, I have a $40 minute phone card for my $45 plan, just bought phone a month ago and thought it was $40plan. I am wondering if they will charge my bank account until payday when money goes into my account. If not allowed I will not use this option. I cannot buy another card until payday to pay the remaining $5.00 balance Will Koodo allow me to charge it to my bank account. And if so will payment go through to Koodo right away and just charge my bank account until payday. I bought this minute card last payday. My minutes are due and didn't know it was $45plan, until I went online to add my minute card , then i checked my online plan overview.

6 replies

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What do you mean you have a $40 phone card? What type of a card is that exactly?

Those cards. With the receipt has your Refill pin # on it. That's what we call them from where I'm from. Phone minute cards . sorry I should have made that known
$25 & $15 dollar cards $40.00
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So going through your sentences, here is what I guess:
- You had a $45 plans
- You had $40 prepaid card.
You asked if you can pay through bank online transfer? for the remaining $5?
Is your plan prepaid or postpaid actually?

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OK. It's top up cards.  You purchased $40 amount to put into your prepaid account.
If your plan is $45, then there is not enough money in your account > It won't renew your plan until you add more money.

If you have $0 in your bank account, I don't think you can use debit payment.