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Payment came out 2 times from online payment but Kudoo doesn't show it was received

  • 20 December 2017
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HI there, paid my bill on line yesterday, it said transaction unsuccessful, put it though again and the same message came thorugh. Checked my bank account and the payment came out of my account 2x yeserday. Called the bank and they told me to contact Koodo. Called Koodo today and waited on hold for 1 hr 36 min only to be told they cannot see the payment went through on the system so call the bank to get them to reverse the payment. Called the bank, (TD) they have to do a full investigation before returning the payments to me which will take up to 55 days! I'm not quite sure who to be frustrated with but now am out 3x payments (because the 2 that came out of my account don't reflect on my Koodo account so I still have to pay it yet again).... UGH Anyone else experience this?? Completely frustrated and at a loss for words on this one.

1 reply

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There have been a couple other people that have had this same issue. Not sure what's going on though!