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Paying off tab, starting new one, would it allow me to keep same things + get gift card?

I currently have a medium tab with Koodo, and in about 12 days I'll be able to pay it off... What I'm wondering is if i were to do that and start a new medium tab on a new phone, would i be able to keep the same plan/number/etc and also get the.gift card included with the new phone? Also was wondering to what kind of.gift card it would be, would it be like a visa.gift card? Thanks!

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The.gift card is only available for new activations. But you can keep your current plan when you upgrade your phone with the medium tab ( I assume your plan is over $29 right now).
Thanks for the answer Mayumi! However i thought of a possible loophole.. If i were to pay it off and then cancel, and then start a new tab with a new number/plan, would i be able to get the.gift crad that way? Obviously I'd lose my old number/plan, but I was just wondering if it would work like that.
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Technically yes. But you have to go through credit check and you will get a new number, new plan which I'm not big fan of.... If it's worth for you, you can do it.
Alright. thanks for your help