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Paying off Tab Balance?

I have 45.00 left on my tab for a phone I bought almost 2 years ago. I want to pay it off because I will be leaving the country for several months and am hoping my bill will go down 15.00 each month until I go because I've paid this now. 

All I keep reading is that people are getting a "Positive Tab Balance" but I do not wish to continue accruing a positive tab. Why won't paying off my tab balance just reduce my bill? Is there an option for this when I select to pay off the tab? 

I'll likely be going back to Koodo when I come back to Canada but, because I'm not sure when that is, I do not want my money to be going into some extra space in Koodo. 

Any insight would be helpful. Thank you. 

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Hi Samantha,

Paying off your tab will lower your bill. Positive tab accumulation no longer exists with Koodo.
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If you're leaving for several months, why not just close your account and open a new one when you come back?
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Port your number over to a VoIP service (Fongo, VoIP.ms, CallCentric) for a few dollars. This will close your Koodo account: you will clear any tab or balance outstanding. No further monthly obligation other than maybe a few bucks to the VoIP service, and you can probably get your Koodo-number calls forwarded or at least have a voicemail.

When you get back, you can set up a new account with whoever using your VoIP number.