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Paying Off Old Tab Agreement?

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Just curious. I only owe $48.00 on my tab. I have the old tab where koodo contributes so much each month. When I looked in to paying off my tab, a page came up saying "I have to agree to the tab changes."  Then on the next page it says, "I agree that with the new plans I don't earn positive Tab or get a 10% discount on my plan."  Now I do understand how the new tab works. I assumed if I decided to get a new phone and tab, I'd be under the new rules. If so, why does Koodo want me to agree to this before I pay off my tab?

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Because as soon as you pay off your Tab, you will enter the new tab rules.
So, you can change your plan to one of new plans if you want without upgrading your phone 🙂
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They need to be sure that customers understood the possible drawbacks of paying off your tab. It's basically a "cover their Butt" move so you can't accidently pay it off, loose features, and then get mad about it. They are being very upfront about the consequences you may face by doing so. And you're saying you're aware and you understand.