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Paying data when internet is down at home.

I have no internet at home due to fiber line that have been cut next to a house fire, and now I am passing my data limit and paying for extra data to do my work. Is there some way I can get a refund for this or should I ask Rogers for a compensation on this?

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@Patrick: Koodo won't refund you for data overages. Your best bet would be to add data add-ons in the meantime. Rogers will most likely only credit you your downtime.
If you need more data, you can grab data only plans (tablet plans), $15 for 3 GB with Fido and tether off a spare phone.
If you're working from home and not self-employed, you may be able to expense the data charges with your employer.
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While I sympathize with the situation, koodo isn't forcing you to use data...koodo doesn't have anything to do with a down fiber line.

You can ask whomever is responsible for the fire to compensate you but good luck with that.
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If your service is out for a longer period of time, Rogers has compensated customers for the time they were out in the past so you may be able to get something out of them, although they may not compensate all data charges you've incurred. Rogers would definitely be the ones to ask for compensation though. Best of luck!
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Allan wrote:

If your service is out for a longer period of time, Rogers has compensated customers for the time...

Rogers could also end up offering to pick up the data costs if you switch over to them
Home internet and cell data are two separate things. Koodo will not give you anything for your situation as it is not related to them at all. Rogers will only give you a credit for the number of days you are out of service. Just hope they will have your home internet hook up soon. In the meantime, you just have to minimize the use at home with your data plan and try to do most your online stuff at a place that offer free wifi.