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Pay per use Data Rates?

I have a Samsung s3 With a grandfathered Talk and text plan for 25$ a month. Occasionally I turn on my Mobile Data for emergencies and get charged 5$

My question is What are the rates per data used? The most I've used so far is 20MB and it stayed 5$ on my bill.

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Hi Tracey,

For more details like this on your plan, you will need to call the call centre as Koodo doesn't show the data rates on self serve for a strange reason....

Now, you are charged 5$ for a specific data bucket, it could be 25mb, 250mb, or anything in between. You are charged the 5$ for that bucket and then, you will be charged more if you need another bucket. So if you used 5mb, 15mb or 20mb you would always be charged that 5$ until you pass that bucket allowance.
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For the answer to this you'll have to login to self serve and check your plan details. You'll see your pay per use data rate there. It's different for almost every plan.