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Password Upgrades

  • 23 September 2015
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Recent password upgrades

5 replies

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Can you please be more specific?
Somethings going on with my koodoo account.I cant be more specific cause it wont let me post properly .
Ok..I am going to try again. This is freaking me out that after getting on here and "creating conversation" with a more specific response...it had me sign in again using my facebook account or whatever the red bar is for. I didnt have this avatar photo on here its on my facebbok account...I didnt change it...my account is being invaded. ( insert weird whirly gig noises sounding like aliens.)
Ok..thst seemed to work still weird ..that seemed to post...so much time wasted. When I went to go on self serve..I kept getting error timed out. Tried the website still wouldn't work and didnt recognize my security answer. I called Koodoo and they reset it as I was locked out after several failures attempts. Back on but password restrictions seem more complicated...upper lower no repeat of characters !?! Is this new ?
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Hello Jackies!  No changes have been made to the password requirements on Self-Serve; however, there are some requirements in place when choosing a password.  Our client's security is a priority for us, which is why we have certain conditions in place to prevent any unwanted access.  This includes having at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, one number and a maximum of two repeated characters.  Your password needs to be 8-32 characters.  Have a great day 🙂