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Overseas Wifi

I am going overseas for a month. I would like to bring my phone and only use it to connect to wifi. Is there a way I can do this without getting charged extras? I heard putting your phone in Airplane mode and only using wifi is a solution? Will this work?

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Yup, airplane mode on + WiFi is a great way of preventing roaming charges. You can also remove the SIM card from your phone entirely if you're worried about accidentally turning the cell radio and data back on.
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Yes you can! Just keep your phone in flight mode or airplane mode until you get back. You might need to re-enable the wifi within your phone once you put your phone in airplane mode.
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Airplane mode will disable wifi wont it not?
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Erwin wrote:

Airplane mode will disable wifi wont it not?

Yes it does but on some phones (like the iPhone) you can then turn Wifi back on while remaining in airplane mode.