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Overheating Galaxy SII X?

Has anyone had trouble with this phone getting hot after placing a case on it? It seemed fine yesterday when I was playing around with it after activating, but today I put it in a case and made a phone call and it heated right up. Should I worry?

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It's not uncommon for the S2x to develop a little heat and depending on how long you were talking for, yes it will heat up. I'm using a Ballistic case that dissipates heat rather well. Not to worry though, it's a fairly rugged device.
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Mine gets quite hot as well. Try turning the screen brightness down a bit. Helps with mine.
I've noticed it can heat up a little bit while making long calls but moreso when I'm heavily using data for longer periods at a time. Turning off data for a few minutes or switching to wifi seems to fix it IMO.