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out of warranty?

Hello, I recently bought a Samsung galaxy s5 Neo (December), some how the digitizer got cracked inside i don't know how this happend without cracked or marking up the glass, anyways i took it into the koodo store for repairs the koodo rep told me to take it to a third party for repairs because it was out of warranty .... so my question to her if i sent it out with koodo as being a authotherized repair to the screen would warranty still be vailed after repairs are done? And would the phone come back as factory spec's such as waterproof and dust proof? She couldn't answer any of theses questions she just told me go use a 3rd party, after much debating she finally submitted my phone for repair.

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Damage to the inside without cracking the outside is done by putting pressure on the phone causing it to stress and bend.
sitting on it etc.
And yeah it's out of warranty if there is any physical damage.
a  crack would be physical damage.
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Hey Mesmashh,

As mentioned by Mitchell, the manufacturer's warranty does not cover physical damage. If the phone shows visible signs of damage, this voids the warranty. For more information about the manufacturer's warranty, please click here: http://koo.do/Kwarranty

Thank you!

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Can we see a picture of the phone?
The phone is currently with koodo, so is the warranty void even if it was a authorized repair? (I.e the 11 months remaining)
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Mesmashh wrote:

The phone is currently with koodo, so is the warranty void even if it was a authorized repair? (I...

It's already void because the panel is cracked.
Well .. looks like i can root it when i get it back without having to worry about warranty any more
Anther quick question how do i know the cost ... is it surprise here's your bill?
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Once the damage has been evaluated, you'll get a call from either the kiosk or the repair centre letting you know the cost. You can either have the unit returned unrepaired if you think it's too high or accept the work order/charges and then they'll ship it back to the kiosk for pickup when it's finished.

I don't know how you pay for the charges if you agree with them, though. I think it's through credit card or they send a bill you can pay later, but I'm not 100% on that one.
Currently says, Step 2- Repair in progress
Feb 18,2016
Your phone is being repaired by Samsung. You will be notified when it is ready for pick-up at the Koodo Shop.

So does this mean its free?