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OS update renders Chromecast from Netflix inoperable

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My LG G5's OS was updated to 7.0 this morning. This afternoon, I went to watch Netflix from the app, and the Chromecast icon didn't appear in the top right corner like it usually does. I searched through the app and the settings menu, but could resolve the issue. Any ideas? Might there be a setting within the OS to enable the feature?

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Uninstall the chrome cast app Restart your chrome cast Restart your device and reinstall the chomecast app Make sure you're connected to the same wifi network as the chrome cast.
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Yep, reinstalling the Home and the Netflix app with device restarts did the trick. Thank ya!
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Had the same issue and it's the Netflix app it's self, I've had to delete and reinstall it 3 times lately to fix the issue. Also if you have multiple user on your Netflix account then it also has worked to click over to another user and back