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Ordered from webstore, how long does it take to get the phone from the warehouse?

I ordered a phone last week, I called the webstore, they said something about they are waiting for the warehouse to ship the phone to the webstore (something like that) or waiting for phone to be shipped from somewhere or something then they will ship it ( i am a little bit confused what they said ) and then I will get my shipping email, didnt quite understand, would someone be able to explain to me what they meant? I ordered it on December 31st I understand due to holidays it will probably be delayed, but does anyone have an idea when it will be shipped? Today we are the 5th of January... Thank you!

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Chances are that they are waiting for stock from the company who makes the phone because I'm sure Koodo warehouse was cleaned out pretty good with the holidays and all.
Yea makes sense , thank you