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Order Status for Google Pixel

I'm curious to the status of an order I made almost ten days ago for a new Google Pixel.

My order number is:

I have tried to follow up with the koodo webstore but have recieved no response 😞  Is the regular Google Pixel also on backorder? It is a bit frustrating to be charged a fair amount of money but not to at least know if there is a longer than average wait due to supply.

Is there anyone who has experienced a wait of longer than 10 days to hear whether or not their order has been shipped or is on backorder?

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The 128gb says out of stock until February. The 32gb doesn't have any warning messages about stock. Which version did you purchase. And to truly find out, you would need to contact the Koodo webstore when they are open, their week starts on Tuesdays.
When I purchased the 128gb it had no warnings about stock for that particular one yet.  

However I was unaware that the webstore started their week on Tuesday-- hopefully I'll hear back from them sometime then.  Thanks for the fyi!