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Hi I ordered a moto z play on the 29th of November order # HFO16736576. Haven't received any tracking details yet. Just curious cause current phone screen is busted pretty bad.

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Have you checked your spam folder, it may have been sent there depending on how your filters are set for your email. Also it has only been two days and with the large number of orders placed due to Black Friday sales they may not have gotten to your order yet.
Thanks for the reply..nothing in spam
I'm in the same boat. Ordered the phone on Monday the 28th...
Seems like a common trend , read on some other threads that they get back up frequently and orders usually take longer than expected..oh well...wait I guess
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Hello there

It takes a few business days for orders to be processed under normal circumstances. Given that this weekend was one of Koodo's busiest shopping periods of the year, there is indeed a backlog of orders that the team is working through. Rest assured, that you will be notified once your order is processed, OR if the team finds any issues with your order. If approved, you'll receive a confirmation with tracking info. for your delivery. If there are any problems, the email will explain what the issue is.
Perfect thanks
I ordered last Friday and still haven't heard.