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Order got sent back to sender due to no apartment number on order

My order HFO18952834  was sent back to sender as it was missing apartment number 304. I wasn't even able to track as i got my tracking number at 9pm that already stated item was being sent back. I have emailed the webstore but still awaiting a reply. Hopefully they will resend the phone with the apartment number. Was hoping to have it in use by this week

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Hi there!

Webstore will be open today as of 3pm to 9pm EST...

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Give them a call at 3PM in order to be the first in line!

You can call them at this number: 1-844-566-3697 (Tuesday to Friday 3pm - 9pm EST)
I had gotten through two days ago after many attempts. It's hard to get a hold of anyone on the phone as it always goes to voice message, but around 5pm i had better luck. 

They said they reshipped the phone but may not get resent as it may be too far in the process. Can you verify what is the current situation?