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Option for using my Cell in US: prepaid, switch, unlocking?

Had my android cell phone for over two years, paid the tab in full a long time ago, and been a prepaid customer ever since. I am travelling to San Diego shortly, want to be able to use my phone. Wanted to know what my options are? my phone is at this time locked with Koodo. I  need some info for the various options that I  thought of ;
1- Prepaid plan  still do not work in the us? although they sell US add on, confusing, need confirmation.
2- Unlock my phone, and a use US carrier while there?
3- If I do option 2, when I return from the US, can I simply put my prepaid Koodo SIM card back in my phone to resume Koodo prepaid services?
4- go back to Koodo  non-prepaid monthly plan?

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1) You can use your prepaid phone and Koodo SIM in the USA by purchasing the US add-ons.
2) You can unlock you phone through Koodo or a third party unlocking firm and get a US SIM
3) As long as you have not exceeded 90 days without a base plan, you can re-insert your Koodo SIM and continue as before. You will need to do any necessary top-ups to make your account current.
4) You can choose a post-paid plan at any time.

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More information about US prepaid roaming add-ons can be found here : https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/new-u-s-roaming-boosters-add-ons-available-for-prepai...
Thanks so much for the quick answers, will look into those. Nic
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I actually replied to a similar question yesterday and so perhaps this info will help you here also.
Just a thought why not use the "old phone" that you  have now and buy the cheap prepaid U.S. add ons that are now available.   I bought them and they don't expire as long as the phone is active with Koodo. Cheaper and not so binding for cost for a specific period of regular phones. 

In passing the first time I crossed the border at Oroville, Wa., I did as told by the community and turned off the phone and back on and there it was "AT & T" and a welcome to the U.S., Returning it just defaulted to Koodo Canada (BC).  Yesterday when I crossed, I heard a voice on the phone which was in my purse in backseat.......when I stopped, I pulled out the phone there was a message from Koodo that I was now on AT and T and if I did not have U.S. minutes, etc I could phone this number supplied and purchase $5.00 worth.           GREAT SERVICE!!   I wouldn't have a monthly plan and the hassles of buying roamiing packages.   I can use these features anytime and many times without making prior purchases as on the monthly plans require.
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Gloria Taylor wrote:

I actually replied to a similar question yesterday and so perhaps this info will help you here al...

As a pre-paid customer, your roaming boosters never expire as long as your account is active, unlike the post-paid roaming packages.

By sticking with Koodo, you keep the same phone number while in the US rather than having to use a local US number and long-distance charges are not an issue for you or your contacts for either incoming or outgoing calls.