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Optimus Black Lock/Power button not working!

  • 27 June 2013
  • 3 replies

So, I have the lg Optimus Black, and earlier this year I had it sent in because the lock/power button stopped working. As of this May I was no longer on the warranty, and then the SAME problem, the lock/power button has stopped working AGAIN. Is there any record of this, or am I out of luck, this seems ridiculous that such a serious problem could happen so easily.

3 replies

i did not hear about this kind of issue affecting LG Optimus Black. it is just a bad luck!!!
Same problem today. Only way to make it work is press the camera zone while pushing the power button... Andrea
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If you sent it once to repair for the same issue. Don't you think is the way you handle it? If there is nothing wrong with the inside of the phone (Operating System, software) it seems to be a physical damage. Plus this might be an old phone and phones deteriorate by time. You were not really lucky with this phone. I might recommend you to upgrade. If the warranty is over Koodo will not be able to send it to repair now. how bad it happened to you. That was a good phone. I had it.