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Oppo r7 plus? Will it work?

I am thinking about buying the OPPO R7 Plus, I have found a Canadian retailer but the only thing is that it is the international model. So i am not sure if there is a US/North American model. I have bought a Chinese knock-off from china that the bands matched and everything but it would not read any SIM card i tried. I am just wondering if anyone has had luck using this phone?

Here is a LINK to where Oppo says i can get the phone in Canada  https://oppostyle.com/r7-plus-golden

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Should work on 3G only
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It should work on the 3g network but not LTE.
If you don't care all that much about he expandable storage you should check out the Nexus 6P it's better in every aspect but battery size and expandable storage and you'll enjoy instant updates, better support if anything goes wrong with it and a WAYYYYY better processor as the Snapdragon 615 is quite slow if you game or stream alot if video. It also has a wayyyy better display than the oppo. Best of all it will definitely work on Koodo fully (all bands)
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Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

It should work on the 3g network but not LTE.
If you don't care all that much about he expanda...

I second the motion of using a Nexus 6P... now if only it was also available through Koodo
OK, thanks for your help. I was looking at the 6P but I buy phones outright and the 6P is not in my budget. Currently i have a LG G3 and the battery life sucks on it. I would like to have 5.7-6" screen, and expandable memory is almost a must for me. That's why i looked at the oppo R7 plus. i also looked at the Ascend mate 7 but i can't get it in Canada.   any suggestions for a phablet of 5.7 or larger screen in canada preferably with a finger print scanner that is around the 500$ or lower mark?