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Opinions on lg g4, lg g5 and iphone se? Looking at getting new phone and those are the 3 I like needs to have good camera too

I'm wondering what phone has higer ratings or less problems. Lg g4 lg g5 or iphone se. I'm looking at new phones and those are the ones i like i also want one with good camera

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I can only recommend LG G5. Great camera, removable battery, IR blaster, great performance but a little large on the hand.
LG G4: Similar camera but underpowered (Snapdragon 808), bootloop issues may arise.
iPhone SE: Good main camera but very bad front facing one, great performance but poor display (Its from iPhone 5 days), first gen fingerprint scanner and tiny display size (4" is small nowadays even for the ones with small hands). 
If you have to have the iPhone, go for SE otherwise LG G5 would be my choice.
Thank you
I'm ok with small phone I currently have lg k4. I just want one that will last for the 2 years. And front facing camera isn't a big deal i mainly take pics of my kids
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I'd definitely go with the SE. It's a very powerful phone and it's the most recent one from Apple in the small size screen.
Thanks I was leaning towards the iphone se