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OnePlus One Android 6.0.1 NO SERVICE

Hello, I am a OnePlus One user and I am having trouble connecting to the Koodo network with my phone. 
I am on Android 6.0.1, I have an IMEI and CM 13.1.2 bacon

My Choose Network Operator shows Koodo and Telus both, but does not allow me to Register with those networks. I've gone into a Koodo store and was told "Can't seem to help you". Periodically when I go out, I'll randomly be able to connect to the network but maybe that's %10 of the time (I cannot connect from my home)

Really at wits end here, not sure what to do. To make matters worse, my volume buttons are unresponsive!

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What did the reps do when you went in? Did they try any sort of troubleshooting?

When did this start happening? I assume the latest update was months ago? Yeah there wouldn't be much a Koodo store could do about a non-Koodo phone. You could try swapping sim cards with another phone to see if the problem follows. If it does, you'll need a new sim card. If it doesn't, then you've got a problem with your phone. Sounds like you have a problem regardless with your volume buttons being nonresponsive. You can backup your phone and do a hard factory reset. After that you can attempt flashing it to see if that'll fix it. Do you still have a warranty for it?
Thanks for the response Goran. I cannot afford a new phone at this time unfortunately. I made this post after my factory reset tonight. Oddly enough, I was getting reception inside the Koodo store so the rep didn't really know anything else to do other than to give me a new SIM card. This phone has worked with Koodo before. I can't pinpoint exactly when my phone started behaving this way. Is there a way to flash a phone without using the volume buttons?
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You can try using adb and do command prompt "adb reboot recovery." Can you try with someone else's Sim card at home?