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One plus One randomly got LTE??

So i bought a Chinese One plus One, knowing that all iwould get is HSPA+. Strangely, I was in Toronto yesterday (downtown) near York university, and got full LTE signal and speeds of over 100+mbps! However, when i left downtown Toronto to go back home, it went back to HSPA+. My question is A) can the phone force LTE band permanently? 😎 is Koodo testing a new Band 4/10 implementation? The one band is missing from my OPO but it picked it up somehow...

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If its in your phones settings, you can force your phone to connect to LTE only. However, if there is no LTE signal or a heavily weak one, you won't get reception.
But how does such a densely populated city not have LTE band 20 mins out of the downtown core? I'm just trying to see cause my phone is set to pickup LTE no problem, but wondering if there is some sort of technicality limitation on the band it's trying to connect to