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On my LG Nexus 5, I am unable to receive MMS while my data is on. Any solutions?

As a test, i had my friend send a picture from beside me from another LG Nexus 5 (Phone distance from each other is about 30cm). At that time we both had our data on, but I received no picture from him, but instead a few minute after which i turned off data, i received an error message indicating I failed to received MMS. Solutions?

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Possoble solutions/remedies: -maybe you went over your data? -restart your phone -clear your cache thru settings/device/storage then tap cache and select OK when you've received the prompt to clear your cache. -turn WiFi off and just use data (sometimes when I turn my data on to receive an MMS while WiFi is on, I receive an error message... "Unable to retrieve, try again") -try to turn on airplane mode for a moment then turn it off and see if that's done anything. Sometimes this works when I'm not receiving my notifications from various apps that use data/Internet.
Kelsey Overall wrote:

Possoble solutions/remedies: -maybe you went over your data? -restart your phone -clear your c...

Oops...that's possible not possoble lol. Sorry about that.
Also.....In the Hangouts app, go the the 3 dots on the top right then Settings>SMS and make sure Auto retrieve is checked
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It could be that it just took a little while for the MMS to actually go through and you happened to turn off your data connection just before you were going to receive the MMS, did you try sending another pic from your friend to you or just the one? If you just tried the one then try doing it again and wait a little longer.
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Also double check your APN settings http://mobilemasters.koodomobile.com/the-comprehensive-guide-for-bringing-your-unlocked-device-to-koodo/