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On call out only get one beep

  • 18 November 2015
  • 7 replies

I have a Moto G first edition xt1032 when making calls I only get one beep, no call is placed.
I can receive calls and text out and in, but I can not call out

7 replies

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That's quite strange, how is the reception in your area Kurt? You could try restarting your phone or toggling airplane mode on and off. Another thing you could try is removing the sim card and reinserting it after  about 30 seconds, Hope that helps. 🙂
I'm in the states, california, roaming on a us add on plan, I tired taking the sim card out tried the aiplane mode on and off nothing works,  also tried the sim in my other phone also a Moto  G i got the same beep trying to call out. reception is good
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Hey Kurt! How are you dialing the outgoing phone number? Did you try to call more than one contact?  Are you dialing the phone number with a "1" before? Keep us posted 🙂
Yes doing all that, all worked fine before. I even tried the sim card in my other phone and I get the same one beep. I think the sim card is gone bad.
Try manually registering onto a US cell network.
Go into settings->more->cellular networks-> network operators -> (says searching and comes up with a list of networks like ATT, Tmobile, etc).
Select ATT and see if the phone registers. Try calling. If that doesn't work, try manually registering onto the Tmobile network
Now it is working again without doing anything, it is still using T-Mobile as it was before, thanks for all your help. I hope that it keeps working!!!!
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