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Old text messages mixed with new text messages

I have a samsung galaxy sII and i have an intermittent problem with receiving old text messages mixed with new ones (old being added at the end of the new one) It used to happen with just one friend..the one I text with the most. Now it is happening with the one I text second most!! I have tried deleting all messages in hopes it would clear but it doesn't and sends parts of old messages from months ago long deleted and even had my friend delete all hers to see if that helped. It can be quite a pain because I get confused and mixed messages. It tends to only happen with longer messages...I apologize if the answer/question has been posted...I had some trouble navigating koodo community. Any suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated

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I think its more an issue of the system delivering the texts in sequence. One thing that can help is to make sure the time and date is correct on your sIIx If the time is off even a bit it can cause havoc, Make sure the phone is set to get the time from the network.
thanks for the reply...time, date and time zone is already set to get from network.