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Old School meets New School?

I've been used to using my Samsung Intensity 1 (an old phone by today's standards, i know) , but i'm wondering.......if switching to an Android phone much of a big leap? I like to text with a QWERTY set up, are there Android's out there that have QWERTY? Do BlackBerry's have application capability? I'm interested in the Samsung S3 or S4 but i'm worried i either might not like the set up or i'll get lost in the whole mix of things. Any suggestions/advice? Btw, i have an Lenovo IdeaTab, so i am familiar with apps.

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I'd say a great start into the world of Android would be the Nexus 4, it's a pure Android device with no extras covering up its simplicity that you can add as much as you want to through 3rd party apps from the Google PlayStore. It's a much better device than the Galaxy S3 and on par pretty much with the Galaxy S4 but less than half the price. I have all the devices mentioned above and I have made the Nexus 4 my primary device it's that great of a device and like I said at like less than half the price it's an amazing deal. All Androids have a A qwerty keyboard unless you mean a physical keyboard which the ones that actually do have physical keyboards are really not good devices. I use to love a physical keyboard but have come to actually love and be able to type faster on an on screen virtual keyboard. If you get a full touchscreen device such as any of the above mentioned phones download a 3rd party keyboard called "SwiftKey" to replace the keyboard that comes on the phone and you'll love it. It's prediction capabilities while typing makes typing a breeze as it learns how you type and predicts the next word you want to type like it can read your mind it's that great after about a week or two and just keeps getting better.
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There are some androids out there with physical keyboards (Koodo doesn't carry any) but the world has sort of moved away from them. Virtual keyboards are very functional and since you're already used to the qwerty layout, a virtual keyboard should be a breeze. Android is a great phone OS, it's easy to use and there are just tens of thousands of apps. Later on as the phone gets older and out of warranty you can root it and try a custom rom or any number of other enhancements. BlackBerry 10 does have some very interesting apps (though some might argue that) and a beautiful operating system, it also has an android back end which could potentially enable you to run a good many android apps on it as well as the BlackBerry specific apps. I would say, if your ideapad is already an android tablet then I would stick with android. The S3 or S4 are huge improvements on what you've got now. If you're willing to try something different. The BlackBerry Q5 is running the BlackBerry 10 firmware and has a physical keyboard but (going only by specs) isn't as powerful as the Q10 or Z10 the former of which I'm using now. Nor does it have anywhere near the screen realestate. Edit: totally forgot about the phone Paul suggested. That is a great way to go. Pure Android!