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As a senior, I have found that as I get slower the technology gets faster.  Unfortunately, the directions that comes with the phones, and other  is printed in smaller and smaller type which makes us miss out on knowing how to get the full benefit of this amazing technology. (this from an old phart who started out with a wall hung phone on a party line so we always knew what no good the neighbors were up to.....sort of a modern, at the time, version of gossip)
I love my koodo, but find that I'm not using it to its fullest ability.
My suggestion is to either print the instructions in larger print or write a book called "Koodo For Dummies" (or if you choose to be politically correct, "Koodo For Technologically Chalenged").
Meantime, I'll just putter along with my sound (have you noticed how quiet people are speading lately?) and text messaging with fingers that constantly hit the "F" instead of the "D"  key

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