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Oii I need a new phone.

I currently have the Samsung Ace 2. I give you the uttermost permission to cringe and groan in agony. I want to switch to an iPhone, but I'm stuck between heading to the Apple store to buy the 5s, or buy the 6 directly from koodo. What are the differences between a 5s, and a 6 other than the price? If they offer similar features, why would I pay the extra amount to get the same thing? Another concern is that I'm a music student and I NEED and REQUIRE space on my phone. 16GB on the 5s won't have all the space I need, and they don't offer the 5s in 32GB because it's discontinued. What is your opinion? Head to Apple and get a 5s in 32GB, or simply buy a 6 in store at 64GB?

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iPhone 5s 32gb $699 the 6 is $859 for 64gb as apple didn't have a 32gb version that I'm aware of. In my opinion there is barely any difference between the models so the extra $160!you pay for the 6 is all for gettin more space.. Koodo does carry the 64gb in selected stores and if you buy it from them you can put it on your tab. If you buy it directly from apple you pay up front but then koodo, if you choose to, will give you 10% off your monthly plan, every month. At the end depends what's best for you and how much you want to pay up front or not. All the best!
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I'd say the iPhone 6 is all about getting a larger display size, if youwwatch alot of videos and like to play games then the larger 4.7" display of the iPhone 6 is a huge advantage IMO over the tiny 4" display of the 5s. The larger display always makes for an easier typing experience as well as it makes the virtual keys larger and easier to tap the key your trying to choose. There are other slight improvements to other things such as performance of the processor and camera but they are not noticeable to the average user.