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offering Galaxy note 2

just an idea why koodo dont offer powerful smarphone in contrat like the iPhone 5

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Koodo tries to avoid contracts if at all possible. The only reason they are offered for iPhones is because Apple required it apparently
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Just like what Tyler C said, Koodo tries not to have contract plans. In fact, only the iPhone 5 have a contract and they want to keep it that way. To have just one phone in a contract. The galaxy Note 2 is not a really in big demand because of its size and price tag. So there is little chance that Koodo will be carrying it. Plus, Koodo has the Galaxy s4 for $625, that beats any price in Canada.
Erwin wrote:

Just like what Tyler C said, Koodo tries not to have contract plans. In fact, only the iPhone 5 h...

thanks a lot for precision
Still would be nice to see the note, it's a great unit but with only $150 tab limits...it's tough
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I'm still of the opinion that we need a flanker brand with no tab/contracts at all. More people now buy their phones by paying the full price and go BYOD.. Such a carrier would have, though, to offer truly incredibly priced plans to entice people to join them. By avoiding all kind of subsidies, the financial responsibility and burden on the carrier would be reduced to nearly zero, hence the very attractively priced plans that it would need to offer. Many times, your carrier of choice doesn't carry the phone you like/want anyway, so you end up buying outright no matter what. Anyway, just my opinion!
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I think it would be nice for Koodo to bring in the Galaxy Note 2 but it isn't quite in the large demand at the moment. Maybe if more people demand the device more; they will begin to talk with Samsung?
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I wonder if they could try "stealing" (jk) a few from Telus and test the waters amongst its customers ? Btw, the Note 3 will come out this fall, I do not think it is worth promoting a phone that is about to be outclassed by a newer model, but that is only my opinion.