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Offer the Samsung galaxy s 5 in white

I am addicted to the look of white electronics, and am highly considering switching phone companies as it seems over the years Koodo has decided to not sell any smart phone in any color but black (save the iPhones). I also know I'm not alone in wanting white phone models to be sold. I love the company and plans, as well as I love my Samsung products, however if the upgrade I've been thinking about for months isn't offered here, I may well look elsewhere for it.

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I agree. The main competitors Virgin and Fido both offer it in white so Koodo should too.
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Just a tip but when your carrier doesn't offer the phone you want I'mthe color you want then check out the sweet vinyl skins offered from the 3rd party accessories market. For me Dbrand Skins is the place to grab them from as they're "The Boss of Vinyl Skins" and they're located right here in Toronto Canada so delivery is fast and worry free right to your door. They offer many different colors and designs that in almost all cases look better than the colors the device came from the company in. Their prices are awesome and it adds a great custom touch to your device that will make your device stand out from the others with the same device. ** They presently don't have any for the Galaxy S5 but they do offer them for the Galaxy S4 so I'm the sure S5 ones are coming any day now so just keep checking back**. The white carbon fiber look way way better than the white device and you can grab a white back cover from Samsung if you want the white cover and just use a skin on the front of the device. Check out their website at https://dbrand.com/#menu . Also keep in mind the black S5 is the only one that has the sweet soft touch back the other colors have a more plastic feeling back from my understanding. Also if your putting the phone in a case then you can just get a skin for the front and away you go for around $5