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ODIN Mode?

  • 21 October 2014
  • 4 replies

Tonight my phone flashed some message on the screen and now it's been on this screen for over 2 hours. ODIN MODE Product Name: SGH-T9000 Custom Binary Download: No Current Binary: Samsung Official Downloading... Do not turn off target!! I didn't do anything out of the ordinary to prompt this. I couldn't see what the message said because it only flashed for a second or two and now this has been stuck on my screen for 2+ hours (along with the android pic). What is going on??

4 replies

ok I found advice somewhere else, there's a long way to reboot it in recovery mode, but this seemed to work for my Galaxy sIIx for anyone else reading this: If you still get taken to the Download screen, take the battery out, then remove your SIM card and SD card (if present). Reinsert the battery then try turning the phone on normally. If the phone boots normally, let it finish, then power it off fully. Remove the battery, reinsert the SIM card and SD card, replace the battery and see if the phone boots normally. If none of this pans out it's time to take it to your local carrier store.
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ok I found advice somewhere else, there's a long way to reboot it in recovery mode, but this seem...Beat us to it Led, glad you found your answer Android Centraliis a great resource for info for sure. Have a great one. If you have any other questions at a later date come on back and hopefully we can get to you sooner.
Once you have this problem, you can do it first:1. Remove the batterySimply and rudely removing the battery from Samsung can also help you get rid of the pattern here. This means it's simple but it can damage your device.2. Use the Odin Flash tool to solve the problemIf you don't want to damage your device, you can use the Odin Flash tool to help you. However, the process of this method will be tedious.Is Odin Flash too slow? Tell you a method I have used, it can solve stuck in Odin mode quickly.