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OCN (Originating Called Number) not being sent when a call is forwarded.

I'm trying to set up my Youmail voicemail. I've added call forwarding to my account so I can have all my calls forwarded to my Youmail number. Youmail tells me my carrier is not sending the OCN (originating called number) when my calls are being forwarded. Anyone else have this problem when setting up Youmail with Koodo?

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Yes, I had the exact same problem, although I was told this is because I am on Prepaid. This makes Youmail impossible to use, obviously, so I had no choice but to go back to the normal voicemail. I'm surprised you have the same problem with a plan though, somebody else might be able to verify if it is possible for them?
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I ran into the same problem today. I have a prepaid koodo account & Samsung S3. Incoming callers get a Youmail error message about their service being unable to identify my number. I spoke with Darren at Koodo customer service, who said neither he nor any of his colleagues had even heard of OCN. So I'm back to Koodo voicemail. Pretty disappointing, Koodo!
how do i return to my original koodo voicemail no one can leave me messages

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