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Number porting

I recently moved to saskatoon but all my family and friends are in toronto and it is long distance for them to call me.can i port my home phone number to saskatoon cell and will i be charged for receiving thier calls.

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Regardless what your phone number is, if they're calling you from Toronto they will always incur long distance charges unless their plans cover long distance. So changing your number to a Toronto one won't help. But yes you can port your home phone number to your cell phone
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Yes you can port your home number over, if it's not a land-line it may take a couple days to fully come over. But this would also mean all your new Sask. Friends would have to call your Toronto number and that's long distance for then. If you have a Canada wide plan then no calls are ever charged long distance for you, minutes are deducted as per your plan. Just a heads up also that if the truth here is you live in Toronto and took a Sask/MB plan, eventually the system will catch that you're not in those provinces and you'll have to change your plan. Dunno if that's the case with you but just something to consider. Koodo does audit accounts.