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Nougat On Samsung Galaxy S7

  • 21 January 2017
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Anyone know when we will see the Nougat update on Samsung Galaxy S7?

8 replies

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Hi BluWolfy, I'm not so sure myself as it seems like Samsung has just started to roll out the update.http://www.theverge.com/2017/1/19/14321980/samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-android-nougat-update  Are you using an unlocked galaxy s7?
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When will the lgg4 get this update
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It's still locked to Koodo. Do plan on getting it unlocked
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It's still locked to Koodo. Do plan on getting it unlockedYeah unlocking a phone and buying the unlocked version is two completely different things when it comes to updates. Factory unlocked devices are updated first because it's only the device maker and Google who have to approve the update, where carrier purchased versions also need to have updates approved by the carrier themselves. The update date was listed here earlier this week but has been removed with many other devices to be updated for some odd reason, I'm thinking it was accidentally removed since it was a list of many devices and dates. so just keep checking back here at this link to see when the update is scheduled to be pushed out once it's posted. https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/upcoming-software-updates
It's still locked to Koodo. Do plan on getting it unlockedIt seems like the rollout had only slowed for 2 days as some bugs were reported inot one of the variants being tested. The rollout for Canadians on the big 3 could start with Feb 8th. The issue that alot of Canadian people forget is unlike the states we have to also have the new software also pass a separate regulatory board for approval before the product come to us. So frustrating, however you hear about or better yet read about all the issues like one plus and Huawei are having after rushing... Hopefully we are no in q2 before receiving it.
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Thank you
Thank youHeya Wolfy just a quick update. If you look at the Telus update site as well as bell and roger's it's very evident that everyone is growing impatient with Samsung's tardy implementation of nougat which was released in August 2016. Seems like a reasonable amount of time for the world's second largest cell phone company with a staff of thousands to fine tune a version if the new os for their flagships at least right? It's now 8 mos later with delays all around the world, in fact just last week the nougat that was realised in the uk had an update as the released Ota was not 100% stable. In Canada we also have a regulatory board that oversees beyond the carriers and that adds time to Canadian releases as well. However I must say that I a glad they do so when we finally do get it and trust me I've looked and called around none of the big three have any idea when nougat is coming, I'm glad and hopeful we won't get a broken ver of a new update but the It will work as it should. We shall see.
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Samsung is slowest in term of updates (among major manufacturers), some thread on XDA mentioned about voice calls and network issues in Nougat update, so it was pushed back from the original date of February 8th. Yeah, bugs should be fixed but Samsung being the biggest manufacturer, has the biggest resources to update their flagships in a timely manner. The irony is, every year its the same situation.
This is the reason I will be switching to the next pixel.
Also, Rogers has listed the updates page for S7 as "Coming soon". So, we can expect it soon for Koodo as well (They all have same hardware).