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Notification pop-up concerns

  • 5 January 2020
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Moved back into my S9 after getting it back from repair Friday night. 

Notifications are working for the most part except my “geeni” app is not it’s dinging but there is no worded notification at the top like their should be and like it had before and the loaner had, It is working on my Tab A, but not phone. What am I missing? I can hear the alert but nothing shows up...if I get a text, the message shows up, if I get a facebook, or health etc notificaion the little icon shows at the stop and a small box pops up in the middle saying ‘so and so responded to your comment” etc etc ...NOTHING with geeni only the noise but nothing to indicate what the noise is …..

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3 replies

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Go into the phones settings and under notifications click show all apps and then click on the app that isn't working and see if you turned off visual notification by accident 

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I did, unless I did it wrong ...This is what I see 

It should be working right? DO I need to delete from all other devices than try it again? I shouldn’t have to it all worked before 


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There was an update to the Geeni app on January 3, 2020, has the Geeni app on your phone been updated? Visit Google Play on your phone to check for any pending or recently updated apps. Tap the three horizontal bars in the Search bar - select My apps & games. Failing that, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Geeni app.