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Note 8 Not recieving text messages

I upgraded to the Note 8 a few weeks back and noticed that I have not been receiving some texts from people. Its not limited to one person and not one particular provider. Its random. I have talked to customer care a few times and they say that on the system it shows the texts being delivered but they are not going to my phone. They are saying its the phone. I have seen similar instances now surfacing in the USA with Verizon. Is this a handset issue?

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There was a guy having problems with his S8 sms https://androidforums.com/threads/not-receiving-all-sms-messages-on-note8.1196267/

Someone suggested the solution is to ask the carrier to reset his sms from the carrier side, and that could solve the problem.

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It might as well might be a hardware problem! If you have spoken to customer care and they don't see a problem on their end, you should then call Samsung and have them go through a few steps to see if the text issue can be corrected.