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Note 7 SM 930FD

Hello,I am about to order a Note 7 from a US retailer via eBay. First off when it comes to phones and networks I'm a complete noob.
My questions are would this phone be compatible with Koodo or Canadian wireless carriersand will I run into any problems using this phone in Canada? This line worries me from the eBay seller discrimination;
[b]- Our items are International and work with GSM networks only.
[b](Do not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon, Sprint, Boost...)
Any help would be appreciated thank you

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Willmyphonework.net will tell you exactly if it'll work or not for practically any phone. In the description it is 3g pentaband and has a large number of lte bands. You're looking for 850/1900 for 3G and 1700/2100 for LTE mainly, and secondarily 2600. It will work for both 3g and LTE. Out of curiosity, do you really want the colour ? It's over 100 dollars more than getting it from Koodo and even more from Samsung directly as well. It's 1050 for blacj/blue/silver via Samsung and you can take advantage of the trade in promo. For 200 off with any "mobile device." now that's over 300 dollars in price difference.
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The Samsung SM-N930FD Galaxy Note 7 Duos TD-LTE supports 4 GSM bands, 7 UMTS bands, and 20 LTE bands. Koodo operates on frequency bands 5 and 2 for UMTS and band 4 for LTE. Bands are often written in this format; B5, B2 & B4 and translate into the frequencies Goran mentioned. From what I'm reading, this phone should be compatible with Koodo. Willmyphonework.net didn't have a listing for this variant of Note 7. https://www.frequencycheck.com/models/A34rB/samsung-sm-n930fd-galaxy-note-7-duos-td-lte#frequencies Perhaps it's the dual-SIM functionality Nikko is after which could explain why the phone is priced higher.
I do really really like the colour 'Platinum Gold' more than the american colours but Rikkster is correct the dual SIM is whats gravitating me to this specific model.
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nikko tuason wrote:

I do really really like the colour 'Platinum Gold' more than the american colours but Rikkster is...

Personally, I don't find dual-SIM phones all that useful in Canada due to our prices, but I can see how that feature would be useful while travelling.

Please note that you'll likely pay $146 + brokerage in duties if living in Ontario: https://www.crossbordershopping.ca/calculators/canadian-duty-calculator