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Note 4 update?

  • 11 August 2015
  • 3 replies

My Koodo Note 4 received a firmware update this morning. I was hoping it would update my phone from 5.0.1 to 5.1 but About device says it is still on 5.0.1 which has problems for me (battery life, camera crashing and poor GPS readings). Does anyone know what was update and if 5.1 will eventually be pushed to us?

3 replies

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The update was a stagefright vulnerability fix. It's odd that your having battery issues on your note 4 also that your camera is crashing as me and others I know that have the phone were getting good battery life and Never had the camera crash at all, I suggest performing a factory reset after backing up your personal info such as contacts ect because you shouldn't be having any issues like your having at all and things must not have gotten optimized properly during the last update. Nobody will know when 5.1 will be out for the Note 4 but I'd probably expect it in semptember at the earliest since that's when the Galaxy S6 is slated to recieve said update.
Thanks for your reply. I did try the factory reset and that is when the GPS started to perform poorly. It also didn't correct the other issues. The camera app will randomly crash back to the desktop, usually just after opening it to take a photo but sometimes after taking several pictures as well. I might try the reset again using the phone's option, last time I used Kies reset.
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Thanks for your reply. I did try the factory reset and that is when the GPS started to perform po...Yeah definitely just do it on the device Kies is garbage I wouldn't do anything through it at all personally. Try a factory reset but don't install all the apps you had at once during set up just install them one by one so you can see if its a specific app that your using that's the issue which chances are it could very well be. Install one try it for a bit and then install another and try it for a while and so on and so on.