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Note 4 Discontinued?

Just before Christmas I went online to try to purchase the Note 4 for my cousin. I was told the item could only be purchased in store. Cool. I tried calling Scarborough Town Centre to see if they had any in stock. No one answered the phone. I tried for 3 days. No answer. I finally gave in and decided to go there myself. I got there and was told they had none in stock. They took my name and told me they would contact me the Tuesday after and let me know if they got any. The Tuesday came and still no one contacted me. I sent an email and got a reply. I was told the phone was discontinues. (Mouth dropped). That phone wasn't even out for a year and was already discontinued but older phones were still available? I'm really confused as to how this phone could be discontinued and the Note 5 wasn't even available. 

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It's basically an issue of demand.
Noone was really buying it, and it's an expensive phone to keep in stock.
So it gets discontinued. I'm sure the Note 5 will come along soon.
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Phones are released on a yearly schedule so since the Note 5 is out and has been for months now that would mean that the Note 4 is nearly a year and a half old now not under a year. If Samsung stops making the phone then the carriers can't really get more even if they wanted to so it's not exactly Koodo's fault they don't have it anymore. You can try a retailer like expansys.ca I'm sure they probably still have stock.
Thanks for the replies guys. Appreciate it. Yeah the Note 4 was released Oct 2014 but not available in Canada until a little later. 
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lyndonirvine wrote:

Thanks for the replies guys. Appreciate it. Yeah the Note 4 was released Oct 2014 but not availab...

Still doesn't answer why it's still listed on website and why you received shabby treatment.
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I bought mine the day it was released by Koodo, and that was Nov 1 2014
Samsung stopped making Note 4 accessories as early as September 2015. Note 4 accessories disappeared suddenly from the market. Even flagship Samsung stores at major airports stopped stocking any Note 4 accessories. I know because I'm a frequent traveler and I love to change accessories frequently. I couldn't find any since Sept 2015. That's immediately after buying my phone. I think Samsung did this under a sales & marketing strategy.