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Note 2 or s4

I want to upgrade my s2x.. Thinking of either the note 2 or s4. Suggestions/opinions on which is better? thanks in advance!

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Hi Kayla this just my opinion but if you're thinking of getting the s4, I'd suggest just going for the Nexus 5 instead as it is a much better device in my opinion (besides the camera). The note 2 is a good option if you want a phablet or just something with better battery life. The moto g also has pretty solid battery life, when I tried it out however it is limited to 8gb of storage and the OS takes a chunk of that too. Have fun choosing 😛 (it's the best part :D)
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Both are excellent devices IMO and I'm sure you'd be happy with either. I'd suggest visiting your local dealer and holding them and getting a feel for them both. Also if you are artistic or like taking quick notes then I'd give some serious consideration to the Note 2 as its S-Pen is quite an amazing feature if it fits into your life style. Battery life is very impressive on the Note 2 as well especially compared to the S4. I've had both devices and me personally I preferred the Note 2 and it is infact one of my favorite devices I've ever had, I've always missed it since I got rid of it until I got the Note 4 a few weeks ago and if you have the money or tab available I'd strongly recommend getting the Note 4 it's an amazing device and easily the best device out at the moment.